Image: TAYplan and the University of Dundee are reaching out to over 900 young people…

TAYplan have begun work, in preparation for a 2015 Youth Camp on 11th June.  Nine schools, from across the TAYplan area, have signed up for the Youth Camp.  Working in partnership with the University of Dundee, TAYplan have visited each of these schools. Over 900 young people have attended the school visits, building capacity among them and assisting them to better understand place and planning in a way that is easily digestible and interesting to them.  For some of these young people, this may be the only opportunity they have to hear about planning and how they can influence their place.  A range of techniques were used to engage the young people, encouraging them to get involved through role play, ask questions and teach us more about their areas.

The use of Minecraft has provided an excellent tool in which to engage young people and to develop their spatial awareness of place and the implications of changing that place. Using Dundee Waterfront has also helped raise the awareness of the area’s largest regeneration project.  A demonstration of the Minecraft software was given at the school visits, with each school given unique login details for the young people to familiarise themselves with it, prior to the Youth Camp.

It has been evident that the Youth Camp and related school visits have been well received by the schools and young people themselves.  A number of young people expressed an interest in the Youth Camp during the school visits.  There are 5 places available to each school at the Youth Camp and each school has now been tasked with considering which young people should come along.

DSC_0270 DSC_0296DSC_0323

(Above) Photographs of school visits at High School of Dundee, Kinross High School and Montrose Academy

The focus of the Youth Camp is on specific learning outcomes around people, place and the environment and playing a part in bringing about positive change in the young people’s school and wider community.

TAYplan consider the role of young people in planning (both through consultation and in terms of the profession) to be centrally important.  TAYplan believes it is important to help build the future of planning by encouraging young people into the profession.  Often time is not taken to create the opportunities for young people to engage with planning. TAYplan and the University of Dundee have made it one of their priorities. Planners need to encourage future generations to have more of a say in how their places change.


  • Are there any methods you have used to engage with young people that you have found particularly effective? If so, it would be great to hear from you…

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