TAYplan are reviewing your comments

The end of the TAYplan consultation period was on Friday 3rd July so we just wanted to share an update of what we are doing with your feedback. Our Twitter (@TAYplan) posts will also keep you up to date with our progress in reviewing the feedback and how we’ll use this to prepare for the next consultation.

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The responses we received

TAYplan received 561 representations from 124 individuals or organisations. The majority of responses received were made online or electronically.

The Process

The first step is to record and collate all the feedback received. This is no small task, although receiving 59% of responses electronically is speeding this process up significantly. All comments also need to be checked to make sure that we are clear what the comment is and what part of the consultation documents they relate to. Where we aren’t sure, we will get back in touch with you to clarify. We will then summarise and group your comments into similar themes, responding to each group of issues raised. This will be done in a form called a Schedule 4. In October, the Joint Committee will see a general overview of the comments receive. In December, the Joint Committee will make the decision on whether to modify or submit the Plan to the Department for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA). Any change constitutes a modification which would require TAYplan to go back out to consultation on the modified Plan. If the Joint Committee decides to submit the Plan with no modifications the TAYplan team will need time to prepare for submission.   It will be the Schedule 4s that are sent to the DPEA alongside your full responses.

Our Progress

TAYplan staff have all been working hard reviewing your comments. While we have been reading the comments we have been grouping them into similar themes. These will then be analysed in detail to see what changes or alternatives are outlined and what this means for TAYplan’s strategy. We anticipate being able to provide a summary report of the response to the TAYplan Joint Committee on 6th October.

We hope the above provides a helpful update – if there is any questions you have please get in contact with us either through email – or by leaving a comment below.

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