TAYplan learn lessons from Caskieberran Primary School, in Fife

PhotographTAYplan planner, Lorna Sim, was invited to attend Caskieberran Primary School Enterprise And Employability day, in Glenrothes, last week.  The purpose of the event was to develop the young people in becoming active citizens and responsible individuals making them aware of career options available to them.

The primary 7 pupils from Caskieberran Primary School organised and ran the event and were joined by the primary 7 pupils from the cluster schools. The young people from Caskieberran Primary School had defined roles and all contributed in some way to the smooth running of the day.   The atmosphere was fantastic!  The young people demonstrated the importance of skills development, confidence and self-belief. Children, some of whom would previously only reluctantly speak to others, confidently stood up in front of a range of business people, their peers, councillors and education senior management to deliver their presentations.

The young people from Caskieberran Primary School organised group work where pupils from each of the schools were working together. One of the group work sessions was encouraging the young people to think about their lives in the future.  The pupils used a range of media to do this, including the game Twister!  A number of lessons were learnt from the way this exercise was delivered which will be invaluable in the work TAYplan are doing with secondary schools in this area.  Looking ahead to the TAYplan/ University of Dundee 2016 Youth Camp on 16th June, the event in Caskieberran was timely to draw on what worked well and engaged the young people.

The afternoon session in Caskieberran was in the form of a careers fair, with planning having a presence at this. The young people were enthused by the concept of planning and demonstrated the interest in planning issues across the country.

The event was supported by planning consultant, Alan Seath. Alan and the staff, parents and pupils at Caskieberran Primary School share a common understanding of the benefits of education and business working together to effectively prepare young people for the future. This is a rolling programme which last year, won a national education award for its successes.

It was clear to me that the pupils have been given the opportunity to develop their confidence, experience and ambition to strive for the best outcomes for themselves in their future choices and eventual career.

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