TAYplan and University of Dundee Youth Camp recognised at Venice Biennale…

Scotland’s contribution to the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale is Prospect North – an immersive exhibition created by Lateral North. This work is being led by Architecture and Design Scotland.

Prospect North explores Scotland and its relationship with its northern neighbours focusing on people and place. This micro to macro approach delivers a series of innovative mapping strategies, individual narratives, portraits and evocative imagery, highlighting Scotland’s place and identity within an economically emerging northern region.

TAYplan and the University of Dundee have been invited to showcase work from the 2015 Youth Camp programme in Venice at the 2016 Biennale. This is a very exciting opportunity and international recognition for the innovation, creativity and partnership approach to this work.  Last week Lateral North were in Dundee to film Lorna Sim (TAYplan) and Deepak Gopinath (University of Dundee) talk about the youth camp initiative.13

Scotland’s cities, towns, villages and countryside are constantly changing. Engaging future generations in planning is therefore paramount. The University of Dundee and TAYplan youth camp initiative (supported by PAS) allowed schoolchildren the opportunity to envision a planning strategy for their local area over the next 20 years through digital engagement and practical workshops.

Rather than explaining what a strategic development plan is the Youth Camp asked pupils to imagine what their life would be like in the future. The students were encouraged to consider issues of place and justify their design concepts.   The young people used the Minecraft video game to develop proposals for how they envision the future using Dundee Waterfront as a template.

The workshops allowed us to generate ideas suitable for the site where students came up with designs including an art gallery for local artists, a rooftop dining area and an indoor food market. The young people’s designs incorporated important planning considerations such as community, place, culture, tourism and technology.

2The TAYplan and the University of Dundee project recognised schools as a great source of enthusiasm. Digital engagement encapsulated the student’s imagination. Children are often not inhibited by the constraints of the professional world and can often think past these barriers.  TAYplan hopes to provide young people with the opportunity to maintain a keen interest in the future planning of their area so that they participate in the future. It also supports those interested in pursing a planning career.

In June 2016 TAYplan and the University of Dundee are embarking on a further Youth Camp, working closely with TAYplan’s four constituent local authorities to deliver this for another generation of young people.

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