TAYplan and the University of Dundee hold Youth Camp 2016

The 2016 Youth Camp took place last Thursday (16th June) at the University of Dundee. The event was aimed at 3rd and 4th year secondary school pupils from across the TAYplan area.  10 schools attended, bringing between 3-5 students each.IMG_1219

This year’s Youth Camp was a partnership between TAYplan, the University of Dundee and the 4 councils covered by TAYplan.

A number of school visits took place in the run up to the event. These were used as an opportunity to encourage young people who had an interest in planning to come to the main youth camp event.

On the day of the Youth Camp the young people were taken through a series of interactive workshops which aimed to get them to think like a ‘planner’. The young people were encouraged to discuss what makes a good place and shown how they can influence their place. This helped them to link their knowledge of geography with real world application through planning. It also offered them an insight into a possible career and/or how to participate as an active citizen in planning matters in the future.

Morning 14In the morning, workshops took place to encourage the young people to think about planning in the past, present and future and to consider what makes a good place. The Scottish Government’s Place Standard tool was one of the methods used to engage the young people to think about their place.

The main workshop of the day asked the young people to design their own sustainable place. Each school was given a base map in which they could design their place. They were encouraged to think about what buildings, infrastructure and land uses a sustainable place should include. Through colouring, labelling, cutting out and sticking on paper symbols on their maps their ideas were brought to life! The young people presented their designs to two judges, who chose the winning design and a runner-up. Winners, Morgan Academy left with first prize and a trophy and runner up was Baldragon Academy.  Both schools received a week’s work experience for the young people at TAYplan and the four councils.

The 2016 Youth Camp gave the young people a unique opportunity to engage in planning whether they want to be an active citizen or consider planning as a potential career.7c

Ultimately the youth camp was an opportunity to help young people understand what planning is and how it relates to them. By doing this it is hoped that they will pass their knowledge onto their friends and family and encourage them to be involved in planning and decisions that affect their place and their future.


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